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I'm a specialty Pastry Chef ​trying to expose my talents to local communities. Being a specialty pastry chef means that I'm knowledgeable in creating gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and other dietary restricted baked goods, but I bake non-dietary restricted desserts as well. 

I started baking with my grandmother and aunt at a very young age. I just loved the chemistry-like aspect and focus that I would get while I was helping them bake. As I got older my interest grew, but my real drive stemed from when my mother was diagnosed with celiac on top of already having to be vegan. I started trying to create recipes that she could have using many different ingredients I discovered and researched. Still after all that I honestly never considered it a career choice. Not until my uncle and mother thrusted the entrance application to the Culinary Institute of America at me and now here I am. An official Alumni graduate from the Culinary Institute of America.

“... For dessert we shared a luscious little pear cake soaked with brandy and pear vodka, and crowned with sugary poached plums steeped in Averell which is a plum liquor..."
      -Local news paper review

"I went to Margarida last year with a special request because I have a serious auto immune illness. I asked her if she knew how to bake something for a special occasion using the concepts of the anti-inflammatory diet. She did not dismiss my question but answered honestly 'no' and added 'but I will do some research and call you at the end off the week' When I heard from her next she was excited to tell me that she had a wonderful surpise. Anxious for me to experience this dessert she actually delivered it herself. I had my first anti-inflammatory dessert with no joint pain as a result. I understand that Dolly is now planning to offer specialized desserts for people with medical problems like: diabetes, celiac, healthy heart and even low calorie goodies. I cant wait!"

                                                                    -Local review

"... The cake was also great! We met with the house baker a few months ago to design the cake. i showed her a picture of what i was looking for and she was able to do exactly what we wanted. And it was the best cake i ever had in my life..." 
 -Google review
“... One of [restaurant] unique uses for pumpkin is its Imperial Pumpkin Ale Cheese Cake, which offers pumpkin cheese cake topped with peanut brittle with a side of pumpkin ice cream that is infused with Southern Tier Brewing Co.’s Pumpking Ale. [Restaurant] pastry chef Margarida Velardo also crafted the delightful Hudson Valley pumpkin mousse, which includes spiced pumpkin mousse topped with salted roasted pumpkin seeds in a pumpkin seed and caramel brittle bowl..."   
                                                          -Daily Voice                                    
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